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These days everyone is clamouring to create the next big thing, but we're trying to create a legacy. Our goal is to create content that not only has mass appeal, but also utilizes a variety of modern media. 4th and 1 Studios will design and create fresh and exciting content for mobile, PC, console, television, and online streaming.

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What we're doing.

Haunted House Party

Ripley is throwing the best party ever! It's just too bad that the creepy old house she's throwing it in happens to be down the road from cranky, old Dracula. And even worse, old Dracs hates loud parties! With the help of her and her new friends, Winifred the Witch, Scotty the Werewolf, and Frankie, it's up to you to help save all the kids before Dracula gets to them!

Haunted House Party is an iOS puzzle game that will turn both the classic horror monsters and the puzzle genre upside down. Unfortunately, we can't say much more than this or Dracs will have our very delicious heads.

Coming Soon

Brendon Lam


founder, game designer
Vuong Wong


founder, game designer
Bree Smith


not a founder, artist, graphic & web designer